The Origin

Naturally a Pessimist, there's a slight feeling of Optimism when I am working on my art. Drawing while; and enhanced with listening to my favorite music, my world dissappears. There's just me and my picture. It happens without realizing it. Everything that makes me the way I am, the way I can't help, all the negative that makes me as Pessimistic as I am, goes away.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been practicing horses for as long as I can remember. im particularly proud of these :) they're my most recent. they are SO MUCH FUN to draw!! especially since i've gotten used to drawing them. Its almost really easy now ^_^

I really like charcoal. that is mostly what I use. YAY and I FINALLY got a protective spray. i REALLY needed that...

Vivien Leigh

My drawing of Vivien Leigh. She played Scarlet O'Hara in that REEEAAALLLLY old movie Gone with the Wind. Haha most people dont know who she is. even a few older people!! it was kinda funny. My mum knows who she is of course, she loves that movie. she was all excited when I came out with this one. She was really pretty and im thinking of doing another one of her

Monday, March 21, 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please Sir. Much more better! It is a drawring... This was soooooo much fun!! This took a few hours, done at around the hours of 12:00 midnight and so on.. to 1:30ish in the morning. With a few finishing touches the next day. I love the movies, and I cannot wait for the 4th!! Why IS the rum always gone? ...... Oh. That's why.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Maine

John O'Gallaghan. I'm pretty sure that is how his name is spelled... lead singer from The Maine

I was lazy and didn't want to draw something facing straight, so this was a lot of fun

Whoa! They're Purple!!

Josh, otherwise known as thecomputernerd01. It was tons of fun to put together:)
Let's punch captain crunch!